Could you be a professional Cleaner? 10 attributes that may make you a good cleaner

When looking for people to become office cleaners and commercial cleaners there are many qualities that we look for in our prospective staff members.


Honesty is a key trait for any employee at Bond Services as many of our cleaners are accessing sites after hours and have the responsibility of ensuring all premises are left secure. All our cleaners undergo police background checks and are personally assessed by management. Cleaners must also be honest in their approach to work ensuring they have diligently carried out all required scheduled tasks and provide honest feedback to management.


Anyone seeking employment in the cleaning industry must be reliable. They must access site on time and be responsible and relied upon to carry out all tasks to the highest standard. They should report any issues to management and secure premises.

Hard Working

Cleaning can be hard work and if you are not prepared to clean a toilet then you are not meant to be a cleaner. Nobody likes cleaning a toilet however there is satisfaction in leaving something clean and spotless, and leaving a premises clean should give any decent cleaner a sense of pride and satisfaction.

Detail Orientated  

Every cleaner should have an eye for detail, noticing that cobweb in the corner is what makes a good cleaner.


Cleaning is largely a thankless job, while quickly chastised for poor cleaning you are rarely thanked for excellent service. A good cleaner is motivated by pride in a job well done and while it would be nice, does not require praise for a job well done.

Shift Working

Most office cleaning is done after hours most often at nights so being a night owl might help, although there are other shifts available for those that can’t handle the nights. Night cleaning has the advantage of missing peak hour traffic and then morning sleeping in.

Able to work alone

Many jobs are undertaken by a single cleaner so if you like your alone time without the office politics then cleaning may also appeal to you.

Common sense

One of the most important traits for anyone, although seems harder to find these days. Cleaning takes common sense, don’t mop the floor then walk over it? Work from top to bottom, lock the door, don’t throw out anything if its not rubbish, use correct cleaning products and equipment. Common sense is needed in every aspect of the job if you don’t have common sense better off working for the government.

Communication Skills

Not what people first think of but still an essential attribute to any professional cleaner. If working as part of a team the cleaner will need to effectively communicate with other team members and follow instructions from clients, management and other team members. Report issues and follow procedures and interact with customers in a positive, courteous and professional manner.


All staff need to take responsibility for their work and how they conduct themselves and represent the company in their role as cleaners.


Anyone that has all 10 traits and is willing to learn has the potential to become a great professional cleaner. Great cleaners become the best supervisors and managers, so cleaning can actually be just the start of a career in the industry. Larger cleaning companies have many roles including sales, accounts, OH & S and marketing to name a few.

Cleaning can take you anywhere, I started as a cleaner more than 35 years ago and now I am writing this blog.

In all honesty if looking for a cleaning career choose a reputable company like Bond Cleaning Services where you will be valued and have the opportunity to work in your chosen location or field. Bond Services offers cleaning services in every suburb of Sydney and all types of Commercial Cleaning, Office Cleaning, School Cleaning, Shopping Centre Cleaning, Strata Cleaning and more.

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