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Disinfection Cleaning Services

Specialist disinfection cleaning services throughout Sydney & surrounding suburbs.

Help stop the spread of germs in the office or workplace with Bond’s Disinfection Cleaning Service. Have us professionally clean, sanitise and disinfect equipment, desks, benches, counters, door handles etc.

As we keep hearing, we are living in unprecedented times. While basic hygiene and sanitation should be part of everyone’s routine, this is something that has sometimes been missed in some workplaces. Now more than ever it is imperative that as your workforce starts returning to the office or workplace that you are working in an environment that helps stop the spread of any germs or virus.

Bond Services disinfection service ensure that your staff are presented with a professionally clean and sanitised workplace each day. Bond Services work diligently to ensure the complete disinfection of all office equipment, desks, benches, counters, phones, common areas, door handles and high-traffic areas. 

This service is not new to Bond Services, we have worked for years to develop a disinfection and sanitation service that is proven to help combat the spread of viruses like the flu virus.

While the current media reports vary from day to day, the one constant we’ve been advised is that infections such as COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for up to 3 days. When you consider the number of people who may come into contact with that in an office, it’s imperative that property owners and office managers protect their staff and clients with regular scheduled disinfection cleaning. Minimising the spread is part of our community obligation and one we take very seriously. 

Bond Services are the leaders in providing specialist services that:

  • Disinfect and hygienically clean all surfaces
  • Are in-obtrusive and don’t risk the health of your employees and customers
  • Ensure your workplace professionally cleaned and disinfected from top to bottom
  • Regularly schedules these services to maintain the sanitation and hygiene within your office or workplace.


  • Germs are spread through surfaces, by people and through the air
  • Virus’ are quite vulnerable outside the body and await an opportunity to infect when brought into contact with a person’s system
  • Virus’ such as COVID-19 have been seen to live for up to 3 days on surfaces


  • Regular hand-washing has been shown to be hugely effective in minimising the spread of infection 
  • Providing and using hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes or common areas and regularly visited areas are key to help stop the spread of virus or infection
  • Illness is not only bad for your staff, but damaging to your bottom line. A more healthy team is a more productive team 


  • Reduce the chances for viruses and germs to spread 
    • Stay home if you are sick
    • Get the flu shot
    • Cover your mouth with your elbow or a tissue when you sneeze or cough
    • Regularly wash your hands 
    • Sanitise and disinfect your work space and surrounding areas
    • Refer to current government guidelines on social distancing and interaction with other members of the community

Bond Services – experts in disinfection cleaning and COVID-19 deep cleaning.