Cleaning Performancebond services staff

Cleaning performance is regularly monitored and retraining is provided in order to ensure all Bond Services staff are providing the high standard of service expected at all sites.

Employee Identification

All Bond Services staff can be recognized and are accountable onsite as they are issued with:

  • Photo ID badge
  • Bond Services¬†uniform and aprons

Staff Compatibility to Sitebond services staff

Bond Services takes full responsibility for the professional conduct of its employees and respects client requests to relocate staff if necessary without further question.

Security Screening of Employees

All employees are screened through the Police Department and copies of National Police Clearance Certificates can be issued upon request. We monitor and ensure renewal of these certificates as required.

Security of Premisesbond security staff

Taking a collaborative approach, the designated site Area Manager and the client will address all security and other related matters to ensure that the premises are secure during and after cleaning.

Site cleaning staff will be briefed on security system procedures including emergency contact numbers.

Quality Finish

At the completion of their duties, cleaning staff will ensure that lights are switched off, doors are securely locked, and that all cleaning products and equipment are securely stored in a designated area.

All cleaning staff of Bond Services have the adequate skills and commitment to provide your workplace with a high quality finish and clean sensation after each cleaning shift.

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