How to get best value from your Office Cleaning Budget

Office Cleaning

Most companies engage professional cleaning contractors to carry out daily cleaning of their offices. Most businesses will try to keep the cost of these cleaning services to a minimum, many choosing the cheapest quote as the major deciding factor on which cleaning contractor they decide to engage.

Prices in the cleaning industry are not uniform and vary widely throughout Sydney from ridiculously cheap to ridiculously expensive. While price will always be a key factor in selecting a suitable office cleaning company, office managers and decision makers should not base their decision solely on price.

Every office space and company are unique and each prioritise cleaning differently. Some offices are content with just having the bathrooms cleaned and bins emptied while others require a daily 5-star service of all areas. The main point being each office knows the level of service that it requires and what percentage of its budget its willing to spend to obtain that level of service.

Its important when choosing a cleaning contractor for your office, to communicate your requirements and expectations regarding service outcomes. An experienced Office Cleaning Company like Bond Services will be able to tailor a service to meet your requirements. Its best to work with an office cleaning company that is hands on, and flexible in its approach, as often what you think needs to be cleaned daily may not, and what you thought could be cleaned weekly or periodically may in fact require more attention to meet expectations.

An office cleaning company like Bond Services with 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry can tailor a service to meet your budget. Bond Services is leading the way in the cleaning industry by tailoring the cleaning service around the customer’s specific budget.

Some companies are reluctant to state how much they are willing to spend on cleaning in the hope the cleaning company will come back with a cheaper price. These companies often don’t achieve the level of cleaning they were hoping for and have to go through the pain of terminating the service and trying to select another cleaning provider. Changing cleaners is not something any company wants to do on a regular basis, its far better to take the time and select a reputable company, that can ensure the job is done to the standards you require at a price you can afford. Bond Services management and cleaning team guarantee that they can offer you a better service tailored to your cleaning needs at a price you can afford.

While large national companies have their place and on paper look like they have the answers, a local mid-sized company like Bond Services is a far better option for most offices. Bond Services have been cleaning for 30 years originating on the Northern Beaches and expanding to every suburb in Sydney. Bond Cleaning can offer the personalised service national companies cannot, where you deal directly with the business owners. while having a cleaning team of over 100 fully trained cleaners able to service any size contract.

If you’re looking for a better office cleaning service on the Northern Beaches, or any Sydney suburb contact Bond Cleaning Services who will be able to tailor a cleaning service to meet your specific need and budget.

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