The Evolution Of A Reputable Cleaning Company In Australia

Like most industries in Australia the Cleaning industry has evolved dramatically over the last 50 years. Bond Cleaning Services was started over 30 years ago and has always been at the forefront of the industry.

Cleaning is something everyone thinks they can do, however like most things there is a huge difference between a good professional and someone that does it themselves. Products, equipment and cleaning techniques have all developed and proficiency and expertise in cleaning is only now becoming valued and acknowledged.

The cleaning Industry in Australia was not originally well regulated and attracted all types, many of whom did not pay correct wages and acted unprofessionally in numerous other ways. The industry was saturated with cleaning companies and competition in the industry was fierce. It was difficult to find a genuine reputable cleaner that could be trusted. The Cleaning Industry in Sydney is still extremely competitive and shady companies still exist; however, it is now far easier to identify a reputable cleaning company such as Bond Services.

A reputable cleaning company like Bond Cleaning is easy to identify. Firstly, it has been around for a long time, companies that do the wrong thing tend to operate for a couple of years before closing or reinventing themselves under different names. The original founders of Bond Cleaning Services still run the company, now in their fifties their experience and genuine desire to offer a premium cleaning service is evident for all to see. The fact that a cleaning company like Bond Services actively retains and grows under the founding management is a testament of their honesty and dedication to provide superior quality cleaning. When a cleaning company has an experienced and dedicated management team it shows in every aspect

Any good cleaning company will have long standing clients willing to give genuine references as opposed to many online reviews that often cannot be verified. Bond Services has many long-standing clients including its first client from 30 years ago and is happy to provide references. Bond Services website has photographs of actual staff and job sites as opposed to generic photographs all of which illustrate the genuine nature of the company.

Many businesses are more concerned with attracting customers than servicing the needs of existing clients. At Bond Cleaning Services the needs of our customers come first and we are dedicated to providing the best possible service and prices which is why we retain our customer base.

With 30 years of experience in commercial cleaning in Sydney, Bond Cleaning Services has developed other attributes making it easy to identify as a reputable service provider and leader in the cleaning industry, including detailed OH&S and Environmental policies. Bond Services cleaning staff are valued team members all personally trained onsite by the directors of the business and Bond Services has many long-standing employees further emphasizing company stability and longevity.

All Bond Cleaning staff undertake police background checks and are provided uniforms and identification cards for ease of identification and security. Bond Cleaning Services also has its own Security Company, Bond Security. Bond Security trains all Bond cleaning staff, on site security protocols and alarms, ensuring each cleaning site is left fully secure at all times. Bond security can even undertake site visits, site security and provide licensed security guards to our cleaning customers at discounted rates. Combining cleaning and security makes sense as most cleaning is done outside business hours.

While numerous cleaning companies have changed to a franchise business model, others sell contracts, and others subcontract all work to smaller often less desirable contractors, Bond Cleaning has stayed true to its roots of a family-based company. Most of these other business models help the person at the top while exploiting the cleaner and leaving the customer unhappy or in the worst scenario liable and possibly exposed due to lack training, expertise, insurance or payments.

Commercial Cleaning and Office Cleaning is a necessity for any business and Contract Cleaning Services such as Bond Services in Sydney are engaged by almost every workplace. Bond Services is proud of its reputation as a high quality reputable commercial cleaning company able to offer a cleaning service tailor made to meet our customers specific needs.


While many Cleaning companies in the commercial cleaning industry in Sydney and throughout Australia have given the industry a less than stellar reputation by cutting corners and not undertaking best business practices, its good to know that reputable companies such as Bond Cleaning Services can be found and distinguished from the others. Honesty, reputation and doing the right thing still have value to the customer so when searching for a suitable cleaning contractor look no further than a Company like Bond Services for your office cleaning, strata cleaning and commercial cleaning needs.

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